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A Few Top B2B Platforms Revealed

B2B eCommerce is a type of eCommerce that is getting very popular these days. The concept of this type of eCommerce is simple – businesses buying things from other businesses. In case you want to create a B2B eCommerce site, you should look for a reliable B2B eCommerce platform. For this reason, we have created a short list of top B2B platforms used by thousands of people.

Tradeit by Red Technology

Tradeit is a B2B platform that comes with SQL and .NET server certificates. Small, medium-sized and even large-sized manufacturers, distributors and retailers are using Tradeit. Thanks to this platform businesses can easily show different price lists for different customers. They can also provide different credit limits for certain categories of customers. In addition, they can set minimum order quantities and do few other things that will make their business operations easier.


SparkPay may not be a very old B2B platform, but it does provide some really interesting features. Thanks to SparkPay, businesses focused on B2B activity can sell a collection of products, single products, kits and different groups of products. It’s very easy to connect inventory and orders thanks to SparkPay. Additionally, this platform provides taxing flexibility as well as custom product list creation for specific categories of customers. Another thing that’s great about SparkPay is that the platform has invested a lot in security and you can expect a few authorization and security layers that will keep your data safe.


Aplicor is considered to be one of the most successful B2B eCommerce options that unite eCommerce, CRM, and ERP in a simple way. They have a catalog management feature that lets users showcase their products and services in an attractive way. With the help of Aplicor, users will have a memorable shopping experience. This is quite natural because this platform has a user-friendly interface, smooth navigation, and sophisticated filters. In addition, advertising through this platform is very easy and efficient.


Designed for B2B unique needs including shipment support, tax management, different payment options, this B2B platform gathers and uses every piece of inventory and order information for all sales channels in one place. GoEcart provides an ideal reporting system that assists users in gathering information about the best-selling products, customer behavior, seasonal trends and more. It can also help B2B company owners to work on search engine optimization that will make their website more visible.


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