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What makes a good B2B eCommerce solution?

Did you know that B2B eCommerce will pass 1 trillion dollars in the next two years? B2B merchants must have an eCommerce website in order to get the most from their business activities. But, it turns out that selecting a B2B eCommerce solution is not that easy because there are many platforms on the market and they have many different features. So, if you are new to do this, and even if you have some experience in this area, it’s not odd if you get a little bit confused over these things. That’s why we have created this article where you can find the things that make a good B2B eCommerce solution. These facts should help you make the right choice.

Cloud technology

If you are thinking about using some B2B eCommerce solution, it would be nice to find out whether it’s cloud-based or not. Cloud-based platforms allow access from any place, they are secure and they are a good deal because you are paying only for the resources you are using.


Are you aware of the fact that 4 out of 6 users are relying on their mobile devices when they are looking for B2B deals? According to the latest research, this number will grow in the future. The B2B eCommerce solution that you want to use must come with solutions that are optimized for smartphone and tablet users. It would be perfect if you can create a version of your website that includes all the elements like simple search, autofill feature, click to call and few other things that will provide a seamless user experience.

Payment solutions

B2B buyers are bulk buyers. They don’t have time to go through lengthy checkout processes when they are buying products or services. According to most of them, it would be ideal if they can automate this process. This means that whenever they need to replenish their stock they want to come to your website and complete this activity after a few clicks. Of course, they also want to have different payment options like debit and credit card, wire transfer, ACH, check, virtual card etc.


Finally, look for a solution that will allow you to integrate other system and apps to the website. The best platforms are letting users do this without any hassles and without disturbing the business process.

Hopefully, this article will help you find the best B2B eCommerce solution.


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